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Welcome here you’ll find a community of real people, lead by leaders who emphasize their

real-world, real-life experience to guide our community toward an authentic and abundant life.

Come As You Are

At New Hope Christian Fellowship Church, we deal in real-life, not make-believe, so there is no room for spiritual superiority or reputation building. Just come as you are, because nobody here is perfect—and hopefully, nobody pretends to be.

What Should I Expect?


Our services include singing and Bible teaching. Our singing is an act of worship to God; feel free to sit, stand, or dance. This is followed by a 30 to 45 minute message.


You'll see everything from jeans to suits to traditional African attire. New Hope Christian Fellowship is for everyone!

There are parking spots either at the church's parking lot, across the street at shopping center.

If you have kids, they can participate in our fun (and safe!) Kids Ministry during each service.

Enjoy a free cup of coffee or tea in our connection center. Come early or stay late to enjoy fellowship with others.

Welcome Team
You will be greeted by our friendly welcome team. If you have any questions, they would be happy to help. Just look for the smiling faces!

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